Best Fashion and Design Schools

Best Fashion and Design Schools

Fashion and Design Schools can offer you the opportunity to gain the skills, knowledge, and experience to make a successful career in the fashion and design industries. Whether youre interested in becoming a fashion designer, a fashion merchandiser, a fashion photographer, an illustrator, or any other type of fashion professional, there are a number of schools around the world that can provide you with the education and training you need. In this blog post, well be discussing some of the best fashion and design schools in the world, their curricula, and what you can expect to gain from attending them. Read on to learn more about the best fashion and design schools available.

What is Fashion and Design?

Fashion can be seen as a way of life as it is reflected in the littlest of things from our wears and accessories, down to even underwear. It is simply the craft with an embodiment of the design, artistic impact, and beauty in our clothing and accessories as mentioned earlier. It is gender-neutral and is actively influenced by numerous factors, seasons, and culture being inclusive amongst many others.

While a fashion designer is seen as a person who originally crafts a particular look of garments and their other aspects for a purpose. He or she takes part in designing various clothes and accessories with different looks for customers, irrespective of class, gender, or status.

Below, we have discussed some of the steps one can follow to become a fashion designer. these steps will help any prospective fashion designer understand the route to achieve their goal.

Before we proceed into the different institutions and what they have to offer, it is very important that we give you an insight into what fashion and design entail and why you should consider studying or making a career for yourself after training in Canada.

How to Find the Best Fashion and Design Schools

If you’re looking to become a fashion designer, you’ll need to find the best fashion and design school to attend. Finding the right school for you can be a challenge, but with the right research and advice, you can find the perfect school to help you pursue your career.

Here are some tips to help you find the best fashion and design school:

1. Research: Before you make any decisions, research the different fashion and design schools in your area. Look into their curriculum, program offerings, and student reviews. This will help you narrow down your options and find the school that best fits your needs.

2. Visit: Once you have narrowed down your list, take the time to visit the schools. This will give you a chance to experience the campus, meet with faculty and staff, and get a sense of the school’s culture and atmosphere.

3. Network: Connect with current and former students of the schools you’re considering. Ask them about their experiences and the pros and cons of each school. This can give you invaluable insight into the schools you’re considering.

4. Financial Aid: Make sure to research each school’s financial aid options. Many fashion and design schools offer scholarships and other forms of financial aid to help you pay for your education.

5. Accreditation: Make sure the school you choose is accredited by a reputable accrediting body. Accreditation ensures the school is up to the standards of the industry, and can help you get hired after graduation.

Why Study Fashion in Canada?

Paris, London and New York are the places in the world that are renowned for fashion. These are places with long fashion history and vibrant fashion industry. However, fashion is moving out to the other parts of the world and it is receiving a warm welcome.

Canada is a part of the world that is grabbing fashion in fistfuls. Fashion is not new to the country but it has existed there majorly for economic gains. Fashion contributes an estimated CAD $8 billion to Quebec’s economy and 48% of Canada’s fashion manufacturing is located in that province.

Why should one study fashion and Design in Canada?

Canada is fast becoming one of the most competitive growing economies in the world. The country offers so many opportunities to both its citizens and even immigrants. It is known to be quite affordable to migrate to Canada and their standard of living is well commendable.

As a country that houses diverse cultures and ethnicities through immigration, Canada provides a vast source of inspiration and a diverse market for designers. Finally, it is also important to take note that Education in Canadian Universities and their colleges, fashion, and design inclusive are rated top notch.

So if you must study fashion and design, why not do so at the best fashion and design schools in Canada.

How can I become a Fashion Designer in Canada?

To become a fashion designer in Canada, first, you must have a bubbling passion for fashion designing. Then, complete high school and proceed to get a bachelor’s degree or diploma in fashion designing. Ryerson University School of Fashion is your first option for a fashion design degree in Canada.

Top 10 Best Fashion and Design Schools in Canada

There are numerous fashion and design schools in the country of Canada, but in this article, we have handpicked the top 10 best fashion and design schools in the country to make things easier for you. Listed below are these institutions and their locations and why you should attend them will be deliberated on subsequently as you read on.

  1. Coco Fashion Design Institute
  2. Lethbridge College
  3. Fanshawe College
  4. George Brown College
  5. Seneca College
  6. Lasalle College
  7. Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  8. Humber College
  9. Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy
  10. Ryerson University School of Fashion

Coco Fashion and Design Institute

Situated in Toronto, Canada this fashion and design institute is one of the very best in Canada. They are a private institution( though affordable) that teaches its students how to create garments and pattern construction. It was established in the year 2004 and attained its status as a private career college in the year 2005.

The school prides itself on its student-friendly learning environment, intensive learning with mostly practicals that aims to prepare the students to be better designers quicker. The program runs in two sections where the students get certified afterwards. The requirement for becoming part of the Coco fashion and design institute is mainly a high school diploma. This is evidence of your first formal education or a qualifying test if the application is that of an advanced student.

The duration of the programs spans 1 year for the diploma and certificate. Coco fashion and design institute charges up to $4000 Canadian dollars for the diploma program, the sum of $4500 Canadian dollars for the certificate program, and $975 for only the Makeup Artistry Course where students are taught properly and are given the room to practice quite nicely.

The certifications offered include:

  1. Makeup Artistry Course and Pattern Development for Fashion Design Diploma.
  2. Pattern making and garment construction certificate.

Lethbridge College

This institution of learning was established in the year 1957 and is unarguably one of the best fashion and design schools in Canada. It is situated in Alberta and is a public school that became the first public community-funded institution in the country. The institution offers so many vocational programs.

The fashion and design program lasts for about one year and the sum of $11,865 Canadian dollars is charged for tuition. The certification received for this program is a Fashion and Marketing Certificate which is why interestingly a minimum of 50% in math and math-related subjects together with a high school diploma is a necessary requirement for admission.

Lethbridge college infuses in the students, preparedness, and experience in the craft of fashion and design as well as the skill required to manage their businesses. They also often organize fashion shows and are actively involved in the mass production of clothing.

Fanshawe College

This institution was established in the year 1962 and has gained its acclamation as one of the very best fashion and design schools in Canada. Situated in London, Ontario this institution(formerly known as Ontario Vocational College ) as the former name implies prides itself in its ability to imbibe and nurture skills in individuals.

Fanshawe College is known to have its doors opened to many international students which means that you would find it considerably less difficult to gain admission and meet lots of students from different countries.

The two programs offered in Fashion and designing include; Fashion Merchandising Diploma program and the core fashion and design both of which tuition fees cost $8806 and $14037 respectively.

The duration of the programs ranges from 2 to 3 years depending on the exact program one is offering. The fashion merchandising diploma program lasts for years while its counterpart takes longer and extends to 3 years.

Just like the previous institutions, the high school diploma is a requirement for admissions as well as an English credit in grade 12 and a credit in math in either grade 11 or 12

George Brown College

Founded in the year 1967 and situated in Toronto, Ontario Canada, this institution is also amongst the top best fashion and design schools in Canada.

It offers a variety of fashion programs where the students actively participate especially in the practical aspects which include:

  1. Fashion Management Program.
  2. International Fashion Development and Management Program.
  3. Fashion Business Industry
  4. Fashion Techniques and Design Program

As a way of ensuring that the students are experienced and actively participate in their studies, George Brown College encourages the students to run retail stores where they can effectively practice the knowledge garnered.

The tuition fees are quite affordable though it varies with respect to the type of program enrolled in. Where the International Fashion Development costs $3,498 and lasts for a year, its counterparts listed above costs $7000 – $7300 and lasts for a duration of three years.

Seneca College

This institution is also one of the best fashion and design schools in Canada. It was founded in the year 1967 is situated in Toronto, Ontario.

Seneca just like the other aforementioned institutions employs practicality in learning which helps students to excel.

There are a variety of programs offered in the institution with regards to fashion and design, which include the following;

  1. Fashion Studies
  2. The Fashion Business
  3. Fashion Arts
  4. The Fashion Business Management

These programs have a distinct duration of studies all relatively important as they deal with different issues. While the fashion studies program lasts for a year, the fashion business studies and fashion arts program lasts for 3 years, the fashion business programs extend to 2 years.

The prerequisite for admission is a high school diploma with an English credit in Grade 12. One can also understand why the knowledge of math is a necessity as the two programs which are fashion business and fashion business management program are both math inclined. This is why they also require credit in Grade 12 Math. The applicants are further required to be above 19 years.

In terms of affordability, the institution is well to do and the tuition fees vary according to the program offered as noted below.

  • $10,618 for the Fashion Arts and Fashion Business Management Programs which requires more of the students as the also learn how to effectively run their business. This goes beyond creativity and craft.
  • $7078 for the Fashion Businesss Program.
  • $3,359 for the Fashion Studies Program.

Lasalle College

Known to be one of the best fashion and design schools in Canada, Lasalle college has made a reputable mark with regard to its fashion and design students. It has once ranked amongst the top 50 best schools in the world.

Established in the year 1959 by one of the most renowned fashion designers in Quebec, Canada, Jean-Paul Morin, who is often regarded as “the father of fashion design in Quebec” because of his brilliance and craft

Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing programs are the two major programs offered and they both sit at a duration of 3 years, provided the students do not opt for the shorter but intensive short take of 2years.

Lasalle College is very competitive and also quite expensive. The cheapest fee being $27704 for the Intensive Fashion Marketing program. The most expensive fee sits at $42108 for the Marketing program while the other programs are $28964 for the Intensive Fashion Design program and lastly $40272 for the Fashion Marketing program.

Lasalle is a very popular college when it comes to Fashion Design and has an interesting number of partnerships with notable fashion companies and brands all around the world where the students are fixed to learn as well.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

This institution is also one of the very best Fashion and Design universities in Canada. It was established in the year 1981 in Richmond, British Columbia Canada. It is publicly owned and has maintained its reputable standard to date

The programs offered include Fashion Marketing Diploma and Fashion & Technology Bachelor of Design which takes 2 and 4 years to finish respectively. The students are encouraged with practicals and the raw craft of designing clothes.

Unlike the other fashion and design schools, this institution charges its tuition through the courses and not the whole program offered. With the cost of a three-credit course averaging $350.

A High school diploma with a minimum of B in grade 12 English for the degree program and minimum C+ for the diploma program are basically all the requirements needed to gain admission.

Humber College

Also notably one of the best Fashion and Design schools in Canada. It is well equipped and highly suitable for young designers with an innate desire to be creative. The institute was established in the year 1967 and is situated in Toronto.

Two programs are offered in the fashion and design institute where appropriate certifications is also accorded. These programs include:

  1. Bachelor of Commerce- Fashion Management
  2. Fashion arts, Fashion management and promotions.

1 full year is required for the (Fashion Management and Promotions) programs, while its counterpart (Fashion Art) requires 2 years to complete and 4 years is given for (Bachelor of Commerce – Fashion Management) programs.

The tuition fees are very much affordable even though it varies depending on the type of program one is involved in.

The sum of $5,349 is paid for the (Fashion Management), $7370 (Fashion Arts), and $27485 (Bachelor of Commerce0 program respectively.

It is very important to note also that a bachelor’s degree is a basic requirement for the Fashion Management and Promotions course.

Richard Robinson Fashion and Design Academy

Unarguably one of the best fashion schools in Canada, this institution lets its success speak for it. It is situated in Downtown Ottawa and offers 3 programs exclusively.

These programs actively aim to prepare students with the rightful skills to excel in the fashion world and create businesses that work. The programs include :

  • Couturier Programs
  • Fashion Designer.
  •   A plethora of part-time courses such as (Fashion Sketching, Haute Couture, Pattern Making, Textiles, Lingerie, Draping, Hat Making, and Marketing/Merchandising)etc.

2 years is mapped for each of the programs and 4 months per part-time course in terms of duration. while its tuition fees vary all depending on the programs.

$12,000 is required for the Fashion Designer program, $6500 for the Couturier program, and $295-$1000 for the very popular part-time classes.

A basic requirement for admissions just like the other fashion schools is a High School Diploma and commendable knowledge of the art of sewing.

The institution maintains a high standard of teaching in all courses/programs which enables the students to be highly prepared in all aspects of the fashion field.

Ryerson University School of Fashion

The School is often referred to as one of the best fashion design schools in Canada. It is situated in Downtown Toronto and offers two basic programs which include:

  • Masters of Art
  •  Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design or Fashion Communication).

The duration of the programs varies on the type, where Full-time 4 years is accorded to the (Bachelor of design) and Full-time 2 years for the (Masters of Art) program.

The tuition is quite affordable but also dependent on the type of program being run. It costs about $27462 for the Bachelor’s program (4 year Bachelor) and $30707 for the(Masters of Art)

 An interesting portfolio, a commendable resumé, a short essay requirement, Mail-in submission, and lastly a non-refundable $50 non-academic required assessment fee are all requirements for the admission process.

The Ryerson University School of Fashion offers the experience to its students by setting up opportunities for them to meet with renowned fashion experts from across the world and learn from these ex-pats in preparation for their own crafts and businesses.

This does not only educate the students but also stimulates them to work hard.

Do fashion Designers Earn well in Canada?

As Fashion and design is a career choice that is highly competitive, it is expected that one always puts in their A-game to be above peers. The fashion designers in Canada earn considerably well and it is the right career to pursue provided there is an inner flair for the craft. It is quite interesting to note that the average Canadian Fashion designer earns an average of $51000 CAD yearly.

Though some may earn more and it is all dependent on the companies where they work for.


In conclusion, the best fashion and design schools offer students a worldclass education that can lead to a successful career in the fashion and design industry. With the right combination of instruction and resources, students can become wellprepared to take on the challenges of the fashion industry. By attending one of these schools, students can gain the skills and knowledge to become some of the most soughtafter professionals in the industry. With the right attitude and dedication, those attending the best fashion and design schools can expect to be successful in their chosen field.

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