How To Cancel Wealthfront

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Wealthfront is one of many robo-advisor startups that allow you to combine banking, investing, bill pay, and borrowing into one platform. As convenient as it is to combine all of your investments and banking needs into one location, there might come a day when you need to close accounts such as these.

How To Cancel Wealthfront Account Transfer From Website?

You can cancel your Wealthfront Account transfer request within 24 hours of submitting the request to the account.

Follow these steps to cancel the account transfer from the Website.

  1. Go to the Wealthfront Website and log in to your Account
  2. Tap on your name from the top of the screen
  3. Go to the Activity section and select Wealthfront Account from the drop-down
  4. Choose the transfer to cancel
  5. Then, tap on the “Cancel” button

How To Cancel Wealthfront Account Transfer From App?

Steps to cancel the Account Transfer from the App. 

  1. Open the Wealthfront App
  2. Tap on the opposing arrow from the bottom of the screen
  3. Choose the transfer to cancel
  4. Then, swipe the screen on the left side
  5. Tap on the “Delete” button
  6. If you do not see the Cancel button, then it means your transfer starts to process and you won’t cancel it.

How To Cancel A Pending Transfer From Website?

  1. From the Website: Click on “Transfer Money”> Select “View scheduled transfers”> Click “Cancel”
  1. On iOS: Click on the 2 arrows icon (transfer button)> Click on View scheduled transfers> Select Edit> Click Red icon> Tap the Delete option.
  1. On Android: Click on the 2 arrows icon (transfer button)> Click on View scheduled transfers> Tap 3 dots button> Click the Cancel button

How To Close An Automated Investing Account?

Yes, when you withdraw all your money from the Wealthfront Account, and then your automated investing account will automatically be closed.

You can withdraw money from the account by liquidating your account. Follow these steps to liquidate your Wealthfront Account.

  1. Login to your Account
  2. Select the “Transfer Money” button from the dashboard
  3. Click on “Withdraw”> “Withdraw the entire account balance”
  4. You will get your withdrawing money through ACH
  5. Some taxes will be entitled to you to liquidate the account
  6. Once you complete the process of withdrawing, your Account will automatically be closed.

How To Close Your Wealthfront Cash Account?

Follow these steps to close your Cash Account-

  1. Transfer Your Funds to another account that is linked to the Wealthfront Account.
  2. Wait For Your Last Interest Payment. Your last payment will be shown on the first day of the following month
  3. Withdraw The Last Interest Payment. 
  4. Send a Message to their Support Team and let them know you want to delete your Cash Account.

How To Withdraw Money From Wealthfront Cash Account?

You can withdraw your funds from your Wealthfront Account at any time for free with these methods-

  1. ACH Transfers Initiated By App Or Website: Go to Cash Account and tap on the transfer button
  2. ACH Transfers Initiated On An External Platform
  3. From ATMs
  4. Wire Transfers: Login to the Wealthfront Account> Tap on the Transfer Money> Click Deposit> Tap on Use a same-day wire. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Penalty For Withdrawing From Wealthfront?

No, you can withdraw the money from the Wealthfront account for free.

How Can You Cancel Transfers Scheduled Outside Of Wealthfront?

To cancel your transfers or payments from the external account, you have to go to that account to cancel the transfer.

Will Closing The Cash Account Affect Other Wealthfront Accounts?

No, only your Cash Account will be closed other Wealthfront Account remains active.

How To Contact Wealthfront Customer Service?

You can send a message to the Wealthfront Support Team in order to get in touch with them.


We have covered almost every topic related to canceling a Wealthfront Account or transfer.  Just carefully read out the steps of each heading and resolve all the issues from your Wealthfront account. Still, in case of any doubt, contact to Wealthfront service team.

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