How to install Google Chrome on FireStick

How to install Google Chrome on FireStick

How to install Google Chrome on FireStick

Are you looking for a way to access your favorite web content on your FireStick? If yes, then you should consider installing Google Chrome on your device. Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers out there and is a great way to access content from the web on your FireStick. In this blog post, we will walk you through the steps required to install Google Chrome on your FireStick. We will also provide you with some tips to help make the process easier. So, lets get started!

Fire TV stick is a device sold by Amazon that can be used for streaming videos. It is a very popular one among the list of a variety of Home Entertainment products. This Fire TV stick comes in the shape of a USB flash drive/pen drive and can be directly plugged into your TV’s HDMI port. Although, the Amazon Fire TV App Store offers a pretty wide collection of apps alongside a few casual games, the one thing its lacks is a collection of web browsers.

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Why use Google Chrome ?

Certainly, you have heard of the Google Chrome web browser which is available for a range of operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux, etc. If you are wondering why to choose Google Chrome, here are some of the features of Google Chrome which will help you decide better.

By all means, its one among the fastest browsers available in the market, and in addition to this chrome also equally focuses on your privacy. It makes sure to delete all the cookies, browsing history, and cache that had been generated during the incognito session to protect your privacy.

In contrast to the other browsers, it has a very clean User Interface and is extremely easy to use. One other amazing feature about the Chrome Browser is that you can sync it with your Google account. In case you own multiple devices, you can maintain your browser history, bookmarks across all the devices.

Installing google chrome browser onto your Firestick will, by and large, provide you with many benefits, one of them being the ability to download applications that aren’t a part of the Amazon Fire TV App Store. Before we proceed to see how to install google chrome on Firestick a note to be pointed is that this application is not directly available on the Fire TV devices, but there is a workaround for this issue which is sideloading.

Because Google Chrome is not officially available as a part of the pre-installed FireStick apps, we need sideload the APK file through the downloader app in order to be able to use it on FireStick.

Side-loading is the process of downloading or installing applications on to your device from a non official source.

Steps to install chrome browser on your Fire TV stick

  • Plugin your Amazon Fire TV stick in the HDMI port of your TV.
  • You will be on the Home screen when you connect your FireStick. There will be a number of options at the top menu namely Live videos, Your videos, Movies, Tv shows, Apps, and Settings.

How to install Google Chrome on FireStick

  • From the above list of options select Settings at the upper right-hand corner.
  • Scroll to My Fire TV in the settings options and select it.

How to install Google Chrome on FireStick

  • Select Developer Options from the list of options.

How to install Google Chrome on FireStick

  • Switch on ADB Debugging, this option will be OFF by default.
  • Switch on Apps from Unknown Sources, when you try to switch this option on there will be pop-up stating ” When you use applications from unknown sources, your Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K and personal data are less secure and there is a risk of unexpected behavior “. Click on “Turn On”.
How to install Google Chrome on FireStick
  • Next, click Home button on your FireStick remote.
  • On the upper-left corner, you will find a magnifying glass icon, click on this icon.
  • Here start typing in Downloader, to search for the Downloader application.
  • Downloader will appear under APPS & GAMES list, click this Downloader app icon. Once you click on Downloader App the app will begin downloading, it may take a couple of seconds for this app to download onto your FireStick.
How to install Google Chrome on FireStick
  • Once the downloader finishes installing, click Open to launch the downloader.
  • A pop-up will show asking to grant permission for storage access, here click Allow to grant access permissions to the app for the first time.
  • A Quick Start Guide will open up. Here, click OK.
  • In this step we will be adding a link to an app store, people have created thousands of different App stores which is a great way for us to sideload applications to the Firestick. Enter the following URL “” in the URL bar on the Home page of the downloader.
How to install Google Chrome on FireStick
  • Click Go.
  • Next, you will be able to see an index page with a long list of different apk files. Here, you have to search for the Chrome.apk file and click on it.
How to install Google Chrome on FireStick
  • The download will start immediately ( it’s roughly a 45Mb file and takes a couple of seconds to complete download ).
  • The Chrome.apk will be downloaded, now click Install.
  • Once Installed, click Done.
  • A pop-up will open showing you the location where the apk file was downloaded. In order to save space on the FireStick, we want to delete the temporary apk files. So here click Delete twice to remove the apk file.
How to install Google Chrome on FireStick
  • Select Home button on your FireStick remote.
  • Go to Your Apps & Channels, scroll all the way to the right also click on the Google Chrome app.
  • Accept Terms Of Service & privacy notice by ticking on the checkbox. Next, click Accept & Continue.
  • There you have it, you will now land on the search page of Google Chrome. Yayy!!
  • One additional tip, you can move the Google Chrome application to the front of the Your Apps & Channels list. To do this go to the Google Chrome app and select the options button on your Firestick remote and then select Move to front.
How to install Google Chrome on FireStick
  • Chrome will now be moved to the start of the Your Apps & Channels list.

In conclusion

The above guide gives you a clear step by step procedure on how to install Google Chrome on FireStick. Although Amazon Fire Tv stick does not come with an in-built Chome browser, by sideloading Google Chrome onto the FireStick you can now stream content, visit websites that otherwise were not supported by fireStick.You will also have an amazing browsing experience where your privacy will be given utmost importance.

Thanks for reading this post. For any further questions or queries please leave a comment in the comment box below. Enjoy surfing on FireStick!!!

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