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If you’re a Squarespace user, you might have experienced the horror of accidentally deleting your website or a part of it. Whether you were trying to delete a page, a blog post, or your entire site, you might have felt a surge of panic when you realized what you had done. But don’t worry, there is hope. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to recover a deleted Squarespace website and avoid losing your hard work.

Why You Should Backup Your Squarespace Website

Before we get into the details of how to recover a deleted Squarespace website, let’s talk about why you should backup your site in the first place. Backing up your site means creating a copy of your site’s data and storing it somewhere safe. This way, if something goes wrong with your site, such as deletion, hacking, or corruption, you can restore your site from the backup and get it back to normal.

Backing up your Squarespace website is especially important because Squarespace does not offer an undo option for deleting your site or any of its content. Once you delete something on Squarespace, it is gone forever. That’s why you should always backup your site before making any major changes to it.

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How to Backup Your Squarespace Website

Fortunately, Squarespace makes it easy to backup your site. Squarespace automatically saves backups of your site every time you make a change to it. These backups are stored in your account and can be accessed from the Billing & Account tab. You can see the date and time of each backup and choose which one to restore if needed.

To backup your Squarespace website manually, you can also export your site’s data and save it on your computer or an external drive. To do this, go to the Settings panel and click on Advanced. Then click on Import / Export and choose Export. You can export your site’s data as a WordPress XML file or a JSON file. Note that exporting your site’s data does not include everything on your site, such as images, videos, audio files, custom code, or third-party integrations. You will need to save these files separately.

How Do I Delete My Squarespace Website?

There are a few reasons you might want to delete your Squarespace website. Maybe you created a site for a temporary event and now that it’s over, you don’t need it anymore.

Or maybe you’re starting from scratch and want to begin with a blank slate. Whatever the reason, deleting your Squarespace site is a pretty easy process.

If you created your site with a trial account and didn’t upgrade to a paid account, your site will automatically be deleted after 14 days. If you have a paid account, you can delete your site at any time.

To delete your site, log in to your Squarespace account and go to the Settings panel. In the Site Management section, click Delete Site.

You’ll see a warning message letting you know that once you delete your site, it cannot be recovered. If you’re sure you want to delete your site, click Confirm. Your site will be deleted immediately.

How to Recover a Deleted Squarespace Website

If you have accidentally deleted your Squarespace website or a part of it, don’t panic. You can recover your site using the backups that Squarespace automatically saves in your account. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Squarespace account and go to the Billing & Account tab.
2. Under the Account section, you will see an option for Backups. Click on this.
3. Select the backup that you want to restore from the list of backups that appears. You can check the date and time of each backup to help you decide which one to choose.
4. Once you’ve selected a backup, click on the Restore button.
5. Squarespace will now restore your selected backup and you will be able to view and edit your site as normal.

Note that restoring a backup will overwrite any changes that you have made to your site after the backup was created. If you want to keep some of the changes that you have made after the backup, you will need to manually copy them and paste them into your restored site.

How Do I Cancel My Squarespace Website?

If you’re like many people, you probably signed up for a Squarespace website because you were excited about the features and the potential to create a beautiful website. But maybe you’re not happy with how your website turned out, or you’re just ready to move on to something else.

Whatever the reason, if you want to cancel your Squarespace website, here’s how to do it.

Step One:

Log in to your Squarespace account and go to the billing page. On this page, you’ll see a list of your current subscriptions. Find the subscription for the website you want to cancel and click on the “Cancel” button.

Step Two:

On the next page, you’ll be asked to confirm that you want to cancel your subscription. Click on the “Confirm Cancellation” button.

Step Three:

Once you’ve confirmed your cancellation, your website will be taken offline and your subscription will be canceled. You’ll still have access to your account for 14 days, but after that, it will be deleted permanently.

How Do I Temporarily Disable My Squarespace Website?

Assuming you would like to take your Squarespace website down for a temporary amount of time, there are a few options available to you. You can unpublish your site, which will remove it from the web without affecting your content or settings. Once you’re ready to make your site public again, you can republish it.

If you need to take your site down for an extended period of time, you can also suspend your account. This will keep your content and settings intact, but will prevent you from being able to access your account or make any changes during the suspension period.

To unpublish your Squarespace site:

  • In the Home Menu, click Settings
  • Click Advanced
  • Click Unpublish
  • Click Unpublish Site

To republish your Squarespace site:

  • In the Home Menu, click Settings.
  • Click Advanced.
  • Click Unpublish.
  • Click Republish.


Accidentally deleting your Squarespace website or a part of it can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be a disaster. By backing up your site regularly and using the backups that Squarespace automatically saves in your account, you can recover your deleted site and get it back online in no time.

We hope this blog post has helped you learn how to recover a deleted Squarespace website and avoid losing your hard work. If you have any questions or need help with recovering your site, please contact our support team at support@squarespace.com.

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